Installation view

Janus Høm, A Seemingly Unnoticeable Situation [2010] 7" video screen, 2:48 min

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Janus Høm, A Seemingly Unnoticeable Situation [2010] Framed invitation card 20 x 20 cm

Janus Høm, Ficus Microcarpa [2010] Framed photograph, 18 x 8 cm

Janus Høm, Untitled [2009] Acrylics on canvas, 20 x 15 cm

Janus Høm, Placebo [2010] Pill Glass

Janus Høm, No Artistic Endeavours Beyond this Point [2010] Acrlics on canvas, 30 x 30 cm


Spring 2012
The Royal Danish Art Academy, Kongens Nytorv 1, 1050 Copenhagen K, Denmark


Throughout the year I found it nice to make some small projects which could be realised in the course of a few days or weeks. With all of the projects, I've of course had "big" thoughts of the greatness of them. Nonetheless, here's som different small things from this year, which I would like to see try to keep on their feet together.

If you need a bit of help when you look at the things to your right in the windowpane, you can orient yourself here; otherwise you can just call me on xxxxx if you want to talk about it. My name is Janus.

Rose of Jericho (plant in bowl)
This is a rather interesting plant which lives forever. Whenever its cells get wet, it opens up, and whenever the climate is dry, it folds up. In this way, it protects its seeds when the conditions are unfavorable, while, on the other hand, it will release them when they are.

Placebo (pill bottle)
This remedy is free to use. There's some water on your right you can use to swallow the pill. Just put back on the lid and place it where it was.

A Seemingly Unnoticeable Situation (framed print)
Earlier this year I made a performance at this censored exhibition called "The Spring Exhibition" down at the end of this building. 20 participants attempted to influence the other people at the show. I had invited them through a liaison so I had no idea who they were or what they would do. It was difficult to document. What you find is the invitation card which my helper handed out at the opening

Untitled (white painting)
I know it's an old painting, but I really like it.

If you're feeling woozy you're allowed to take a piece of chocolate. But I don't have any more than the ones here. As is written on some of them, it is only "in case of emergency". It's important not get a low blood sugar.

Ficus Microcarpa (photograph of a plant)
I spend over a year to get hold of this plant. Even after a lot of correspondences with botanical gardens from all around the world - in the tropical belt - I had no luck. Eventually I found out that they sell it in IKEA. The plant is in our back room of the studios, but it died - and besides, the photograph doesn't take up so much space. The funny thing about this plant, is that it grows from the sky and downwards instead of from the ground and up. When it starts its carreer as a plant, that is when it is just a seed, it begins on the top of another tree. In a dense jungle where nutrition is scarce, its strategy is to go all in on sunlight and fresh air. From the top of the jungle, on top of other trees, it starts to grow roots, and when they finally reaches the ground from the original tree, it gets energy really fast, and grows rapidly. It all ends up with it growing roots around the tree on which it has grown and encloses it entirely. What eventually is left, is a hollow tree; a Ficus Microcarpa. The new hollow tree is now shelter for animals which, without this habitat wouldn't survive in the jungle. This is the tree you're looking at on the photograph.

Intervention the 8th of January 2010 (the framed paper with the blue background)
At some point I made an "aktion" in the National Museum. The guards shoulkd probably have noticed me, but they didn't. This framed paper, is the only thing I ever "told" about the "aktion". There's a clue on the paper, but it requires violence and a blind person to solve the riddle. That's it.

A Seemingly Unnoticable Situation (the video)
Although this work has has the same title as the framed invitation, it is something different... It's the truth, but also a lie. It has something to do with trying to surprise the "Spring Exhibition" people, where I hung works which weren't admitted by the jury. But that's a different story you we can talk about some other time. The video right here is from last year's Rundgang in the room next door, where the Sculpture Department are showing now. I tried to create this chain reaction. The point was to keep it subtle, but it got a bit crazy. But maybe that's ok.

No Artistic Endeavours Beyond this Point (yellow painting)